Couponing 101


Everyone would love to save money right? What if I told you it was easier than you thought? In my family using coupons is an everyday way of saving money. You do not have to be an "EXTREME COUPONER" like on the TLC television show but you can be a couponer and save money.

Let's start with the basics. First of all you have to get coupons before you can start to coupon. Where do you get coupons? You can get them from the Sunday paper or you can get them off the Internet or go dumpster diving to find them. You need to clip your coupons and you need to keep them organized. I use a zip up binder and baseball card holders to keep my coupons neat and organized.
So, now that you have your coupons and you are organized where do you go from here? Well, you need to have a couple weeks of coupons saved up in your binder then it is time to do your homework. Homework you might ask? Yes, my friends you need to do your homework on the stores you will be shopping at to find out what their COUPON POLICY is and what items are on sale that week that you have a coupon for.
OK, you are ready for your first trip. You have your coupon binder opened and sitting on your grocery cart you walk through the doors and go to the first aisle where you will place the first few items into your cart that is on your list. You double check your coupon to the item and move onto the next item.

CHECKOUT: Because you already know the COUPON POLICY you know how many items and coupons you are allowed to have. Your heart is pounding as the cashier starts ringing up your order. The number is going up and up and up then the cashier says " do you have any coupons?" You smile and hand them your pile watching the number closely to go down and make sure all your coupons are coming off. You smile as you see how much you just saved using coupons. Saving money is great!